WELCOME TO LloydLou.com

It's All About Me

That's why I like it.  My web site serves as a depot for my friends to find what they want.   Sometimes I just want to share my life with friends and family. Yet sometimes I drop out of the world for two or three days and hide in my bedroom. That needs no explanation.

As I've Gotten Older

I have learned that there are really only two important things in life:
      1. your health
      2. your relationships with people.

Blogs--More About Me

General Aviation Informal is my blog about flying.  When I first started the blog I thought I would make one post a day.  Boy, was that not gonna happen!. I never run out of flying
stories because I'm so damn old!  You can make a comment after a post if you like. I decided
I would not tell airline pilot stories even though I was an airline pilot. I may make a separate
blog about that someday.  So, it's only Gen. Av. stories.

Lloyd Lou -- I Talk to You is my all-purpose blog. The word "blog" is short for web log. This
is supposed to be my web diary that anyone can read. It's really just a series of geezer rants and comments on this great big magic, wonderful, cruel, world we know as life.  A lot of aviation sneaks into it too.



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